Alexander Street Press

Alexander Street Press

The Challenge

Extending Single Sign-On to new technical platforms

Alexander Street manages customer access through an in-house application that enables authentication and authorization of customers across a variety of existing internal platforms. They wanted to extend access management across two new technical platforms that they were developing to deliver services to their institutional and individual customer base. In particular, they wanted customers entering via these new platforms to get SSO access across all of Alexander Street’s various products and services.

How We Helped

Custom SSO Plugins

Much of the complexity of this project is driven by the nature of the 2 new technical platforms. We will develop custom plugins and client libraries to enable them to interact with ASP’s in-house access solution. Once complete, we will then upgrade the in-house access management application to enable SSO for customers entering via these two new platforms.

About Alexander Street Press

Alexander Street publishes curated, discipline-focused, primary-source collections, websites, and streaming media for learning and research.

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