Effortlessly capture real-time, granular usage analytics


Measure impact

with insights into who, when, where and how users engage with your resources.

Identify prospects

that are getting value from your Open Access content or are denied access to your paywalled content.

Empower staff

with real-time & on-demand business intelligence, ranging from tabular detail to executive graphs.

How we help you

Measure impact

understand the impact of your content with insights into who’s accessing, when, from where, and how they engage with it using recognized industry metrics.

Credible metrics

our reports incorporate COUNTER metrics delivered from an audited, compliant platform that stakeholders can trust.

Identify prospects

identify the market sectors and organizations that are getting value from your Open Access content or are denied access to your paywalled content.

Communicate value

deliver dynamic, context-sensitive analytics to your customers and other external stakeholders, such as institutional partners, authors, and funders.

Empower staff

give your staff access to real-time & on-demand analytics about usage of your content. From tabular detail to executive graphs, our custom metrics and reports empower your Business Intelligence.

Editorial development

inform your editorial decision making with an understanding of the titles and topics that drive engagement.

You are in control

Easy implementation

our lightweight tracking script and API enable easy browser-based and/or server-side capture of raw event logging.

Credible metrics

generate industry-recognized COUNTER metrics, such as searches, investigations, and requests, to ensure consistent, credible, and comparable analytics.

Custom reports

capture custom metadata and metrics to power additional analysis specific to your content and publishing models, such as content topics or user attributes.

Flexible processing logic

support diverse use cases with swappable processing logic, such as mapping between organizational identifiers or matching IP addresses to identifying organizational users.

Create data dashboards

embed reports within your web applications to create your own data dashboards (or to enhance existing ones). Alternatively, access reports via our brandable admin portal.

Export at will

query reports via our API or export all processed data nightly to your data warehouse. Whatever works for you – it’s your data.

What else can we help you with?

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