Affordable library resource access. Anytime from anywhere.

Powerful, cloud-based tools to authenticate and manage access to library resources, and so much more.

How we add value to your resources

Improved User Experience

Deliver a modern, mobile-ready experience that quickly gets users to the resources they need with our customizable library portals.

Negotiate Powerfully

Purchase access just for the roles, departments & locations that need resources, with statistics to improve renewal decisions and negotiations.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Securely and efficiently provide patrons with SSO access to library resources, both on and off-site from a single user portal.

Simplify Access

Allows users to login with their existing network credentials. Eliminates password fatigue, sharing, and library maintenance.

Promote Usage

Maximize your library Return on Investment (ROI) by easily promoting usage of library resources, services and events.

You are in control

Personalized User Portals

Integrate access controls into your existing library website or configure personal library portals for each user with valuable features, such as customizable library messaging, and subject guides.

Access Analytics

Track and analyze resource access both on and off-site based on user profile and resource. For example, view access by resource, user, user-group, location, department etc.

Local integration

Integrate with your existing organizational identity solutions to streamline login. Seamless onboarding and offboarding of user accounts ensures you remain contract compliant.

Self Registration

Can’t use your internal identity solution? No problem, our customizable self-registration workflows make it easy for your library to manage account creation and renewals.

User Account Profiles

Understand usage in detail and exercise granular control over resource access and portal personalization with detailed user profiles.

Access Control

Control user access to resources based on location licensing and user attributes, such as role, department and specialty.

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