Secure, flexible identity & access management solutions


Increase usage

with a consistent, seamless access experience

Drive engagement

with personalized experiences reflecting user interests & preferences

Grow revenue

by identifying sales opportunities & enable access to new markets

How we help you

Increase usage

a consistent, seamless access experience encourages usage

Drive engagement

deliver a more personalized experience that reflects user interests & preferences

Simplify Access

unified access experience across disparate platforms

Grow revenue

identify opportunities to cross-sell, up-sell, and enable access to new markets

Minimize piracy

apply enhanced security when needed

Product development

develop your understanding of user needs to segment users and identify trends

Agility & Innovation

put users back at the core of your strategy

Straightforward integration

standard approach, independent of customer type, platform technology, and authentication methods

You are in control

Your access experience

create branded access experiences across diverse platforms that integrate into your existing workflows and user interfaces.

Flexible authentication

select authentication methods that balance the security and accessibility needs of your users, including features such as 2FA, mobile roaming etc.

Flexible accounts

support diverse individual and organizational account structures, including complex hierarchical relationships, purchasing consortia etc.

Flexible authorization

optionally enable a wide range of authorization logic, including time-based or perpetual subscriptions, metered access, vouchers etc

Custom metadata

capture valuable user profile data by integrating custom data collection forms into access workflows.


manage access manually via our web-based admin portal or automate all/part of the process through API integrations with internal systems.

What else can we help you with?

COUNTER Reporting

COUNTER-compliant reporting without the fuss


Open Access Analytics

Effortlessly capture real-time, granular usage analytics


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