“the Liblynx connection has been implemented successfully and with ease”

Laurent Piroelle, Lead Developer

The Challenge

Personalizing the experience for anonymous users


Medici want to convert users of their educational service into lifelong subscribers to their individual service. Their legacy identity & access solution only supported anonymous IP authentication, requiring them to force users to register in order to deliver a more personalized service.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

SAML-based development was a distraction for a small IT team, and fell outside their core skill sets.

Custom Authentication Solutions

Some customers wanted support for custom authentication techniques that weren’t cost-effective for Medici to develop internally.


Medici wanted a scalable solution that could cost-effectively support the customer growth expected with their new, educational platform.

How We Helped

On-ramp to drive user identification and personalization

User Engagement (SSO)

We use SAML attributes to automatically create accounts for new users, enabling Medici to recognize returning visitors and build up a profile of their interests. If an anonymous visitor’s IP address is associated with an institution supporting Shibboleth, our WAYF page will automatically transfer them to their institutional login page.

User Engagement (IP

We gave Medici granular control over whether IP-authenticated users were given the option (or required) to register in order to personalize their experience, redirecting to a branded ‘Who Are You’ page as needed.

Roaming Access

IP-authenticated users with a valid email address can login off-campus using that email address and a password for a configurable period, to simply access.

Single Sign-On

Support staff simply select customers from our federation pick-list, and LibLynx handles all the technical details, including custom SAML integrations such as Archimed.

Easy Administration

Our web-based portal makes it quick and easy to setup institutional and corporate accounts with access, including custom authentication options as appropriate.

Automated backup

All customer and account data is automatically backed up to Medici’s servers using our backup API.

The Implementation: Integration of the LibLynx API

Medici’s technical team implemented our API “with ease” using our in-depth documentation and supporting tools, and with minimal input from us.

About publish a classical music catalog of over 1,800 audio-visual programs, including concerts and masterclasses, as well as livestreaming 150 musical events each year. In addition to their consumer services, Medici offer a dedicated educational service that institutions can subscribe to.

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