Client Stories: Madigan Medical Center

Madigan Medical Center

THE CHALLENGE: Onsite-only access within a restrictive technical environment

Patron Security & Privacy
The library wanted to deliver a more personalized experience, but were unable to integrate with their internal Single Sign-On due to security and privacy restrictions.

Internal network restrictions
Security restrictions over access to the internal network prevented some resources from working properly, resulting in users having to access resources from multiple locations and/or browsers. In addition, regularly changing internal IP addresses generated a lot of maintenance effort in communicating with the library’s 60+ resource vendors.

License restrictions
Access needed to be restricted to some resources that were licensed for specific groups and departments, but the library lacked an effective method to do this. This issue also prevented them from negotiating special pricing for additional resources.

Budget management
A lack of granular usage stats was preventing the library from making more informed decisions, including adjusting subscriptions to make the most cost-effective use of their budget.

No remote access
The library was unable to provide remote access to Madigan’s directly licensed resources. Interagency resources were accessible through a dedicated app that was neither user friendly nor mobile-ready.
HOW WE HELPED: A personalized experience that respects patron privacy

Simple, Single Sign-On
We enabled users to login using their existing library barcodes. This delivered a Single Sign-On experience for all users and avoided the security constraints involved in integrating with Madigan’s user directory.

Privacy Preserving Access
User accounts simply record an anonymous barcode by default. While users can opt to provide more information about their interests in order to get a more personalized service, no personal data is required.

On & Offsite access
Using LibLynx for both on and off-site access provides a seamless experience for all users and removes the maintenance arising from changing internal IP addresses.

Personalized user experience
Users get a personalized, easy to use and mobile-friendly library portal containing resources targeted to their needs and features to promote usage.

The LibLynx user portal also provides a single location to access all resources, whether licensed directly or interagency – replacing multiple, separate access points and greatly simplifying the access experience.

Visibility of ‘lost’ users
By pre-loading user accounts, we were able to flag accounts that hadn’t accessed library resources so that library staff could conduct outreach and provide assistance.
Jeffery Ring, Madigan’s librarian for Education and Research, wanted to deliver a more effective user experience. A key ingredient was enabling the library to deliver a personalized experience that got users to the resources they needed more efficiently. However, strict rules on privacy and security limited him to using existing user barcodes without any additional data on user needs.

Our solution was to build a workflow that allowed users to anonymously login using their existing barcode, with the option of providing additional information to help the library predict user needs.

We designed and integrated a flexible data capture form that explained to users why the library was asking for more information, such as patron type and department, alongside a privacy statement making it clear that participation was optional (most users opt to provide more information). The captured user data is then used to target subject-specific resource lists that are curated by the library.

A library-controlled user database also makes it easy for Jeff and his colleagues to add and remove users as their situations change, without having to rely on IT or external vendors.

A nice final touch was their addition of a graphic for their new LibLynx-powered library service – playing on the internal name for their internal Madigan Catalog (‘MadCat’), they created MadLynx!

ABOUT Madigan Medical Center
Madigan Medical Center, located on Joint Base Lewis-McChord just outside Lakewood, Washington, is a key component of the Madigan Healthcare System and one of the largest military hospitals on the West Coast of the United States.

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