An effective way to grow sales of online resources is to work with specialist distributors that can tap into new markets. Typically, these distributors have existing sales channels and relationships that enable them to develop these markets more effectively than you can alone.

This is easy to implement if the distributor is also fulfilling the online product or service – you setup the commercial relationship and wait for the checks to roll in.

But what if fulfillment still occurs from your platform? How do you securely integrate that distributor into your existing application without a lot of cost and effort?

Case Study: Haynes Publishing Group plc

One of our clients is Haynes, the worldwide leader in automotive and powersports equipment manuals. We provide identity and access management for their new Haynes Manuals AllAccess product, which was launched in Q3 2018 on a dedicated new platform targeted at the education, library and independent workshop markets.

To complement their direct sales channels into the institutional market, Haynes have formed a distribution partnership with Electude, the leading provider of automotive e-learning solutions to schools, companies and governmental organisations in over 50 countries.

Haynes asked us how they could leverage LibLynx to enable controlled access into the Haynes platform via Electude’s integration API.

The Solution: Identity Transfer Adaptor

We provided Electude with a custom and secure entry point into LibLynx that allowed them to create user accounts on demand (or access an existing account) but with access rights controlled by Haynes. Electude users are passed seamlessly through to the relevant Haynes content and all access is tagged to enable it to be analysed separately from direct sales activity.

Best of all, no changes were required within the Haynes platform.

“LibLynx is one of our most highly rated suppliers because they consistently offer us great solutions to new opportunities. This particular piece of work was completed within a very short timeframe and worked perfectly straightaway. The end result was a rapid turnaround between signing a commercial agreement, and being in a position where sales could actually begin.” Andrew Golby, Global Digital Director at Haynes

Our Identification API gives online resource providers a one-stop, future-proof solution to managing user access. Once implemented, additional authentication methods and authorization logic can be enabled without further engineering on your side.

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