We’re delighted to share the news that Emerald Publishing is partnering with us in developing their new Emerald Insight digital research platform. We’ll be powering authentication and identity management across a broad range of use cases as well as providing COUNTER-compliant reporting.

“Liblynx has helped us achieve our goal of offering flexible, innovative solutions for our customers to make access as easy as possible” Sarah Boyd, Senior Product Manager for Emerald Publishing

Emerald’s Goals

Emerald’s overriding goal was to make discovery easier and more enjoyable and they recognised that the broad range of authentication technologies and business models they needed to support, covering both paid and open access content, had a major impact on ease of access. Emerald wanted a unifying solution that could simplify their architecture while still delivering the flexibility needed to optimise for usability.

Emerald also needed a usage reporting solution that was compliant with the latest COUNTER reporting code of practice, Release 5, and easily integrated into their new platform.

Identity & Access

LibLynx’s authentication API provides Emerald with a standardized method for confirming a user’s identity and/or institutional affiliation that is independent of customer type, platform technology, and the authentication methods required. A suite of supporting tools make it easy for Emerald’s existing customer and rights management systems to seamlessly integrate into LibLynx, allowing for high levels of automation and simplifying customer support workflows.

COUNTER 5 Reporting

LibLynx’s plug and play COUNTER widget enables Emerald to easily embed on-demand and real-time COUNTER-compliant reporting into the new platform, giving customers the flexibility to view reports online, download files, or automate ingestion via a SUSHI feed.

The result

“Liblynx has helped us achieve our goal of offering flexible, innovative solutions for our customers to make access as easy as possible” said Sarah Boyd, Senior Product Manager for Emerald Publishing. “We were confident that Liblynx’s solutions provided best-in-class authentication and COUNTER reporting, and their expertise and speedy development has helped us build a great experience for our customers.”

“You don’t often get the opportunity to engineer a completely new access experience from the ground up, and we’ve really enjoyed working with Emerald on this ambitious project” said Tim Lloyd, CEO of LibLynx. “We’re both interested in delivering innovative, user-centered solutions and so it’s been a great fit.”

The new Emerald Insight digital research platform replaces an existing site hosted on Atypon’s Literatum platform. LibLynx began working on the implementation in late 2017, working closely with Emerald’s project team and their software development partners, 67 Bricks. Migration to the new platform will happen by July 2019.

If you’d like to know more about how we’re helping Emerald, please Contact us.

About LibLynx: LibLynx provides online resource providers and libraries with flexible Identity & Access Management solutions. We make identity & access as simple as possible, and as secure as necessary, with usage-based pricing that scales with your needs. Our cloud native applications are technology and platform independent, with an architecture designed to simplify integration and facilitate customization.

About Emerald: Emerald Publishing was founded in 1967 to champion new ideas that would advance the research and practice of business and management. Today, we continue to nurture fresh thinking in applied fields where we feel we can make a real difference, now also including health and social care, education and engineering. We publish over 300 journals, more than 2,500 books and over 1,500 case studies, via our dedicated research platform emeraldinsight.com.