Consulting on technical issues related to identity and access management is one of the ways we commonly support clients. Digitorial, a company that provides online publishing tools to allow traditional print-publishers to publish their newspaper or magazine archive online, recently engaged us to redesign their platform architecture. They are also the business behind the UKPressOnline newspaper archive.
Their challenge was to develop a new architecture designed around their proven content production processes that would give them greater flexibility in developing a variety of front-end applications, as well as robust options to support access management, usage reporting and e-commerce across a variety of markets.
We worked closely with their existing technical and design teams to select a base technology that best fit their needs and experience. Our redesigned architecture uses the ExpressionEngine content management system to power interface development, alongside the Expresso Store e-commerce add-on, with the Solr search engine providing improved search capabilities.
LibLynx Connect integrates with both ExpressionEngine and Expresso Store to provide unified identity and access management across all markets, automated fulfilment of purchases, and usage tracking and COUNTER reporting functionality.
A secondary goal was to architect an environment that enhanced the future maintainability of applications, through development practices to facilitate shared development and testing, and ensuring future scalability needs are addressed in the infrastructure design.
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Liblynx are an absolute pleasure to work with, especially since they always deliver on time, and to spec. Their thoughtful approach opens up new areas for exploration.

Alasdair Mellis, Managing Director