Mark Allen Group, a UK-based media business, has chosen LibLynx Connect to manage access to select online publications across institutional and corporate markets, with the potential for extending management to individual customers in future.
LibLynx Connect is a cloud-based Identity & Access Management (IAM) solution supporting a wide range of user authentication methods and access business models. It offers publishers a cost-effective way to maximize access to their online products and services access across a wide range of customer types.
Mark Allen Group were looking to extend and simplify IAM across a number of titles and technical platforms. “We knew that neither we nor our web development partners had the in-depth technical understanding of institutional access management that we needed to implement a solution smoothly and in a reasonable time-frame.” said Tom Pollard, Content Development Director for Mark Allen Group.

“LibLynx are fantastic to work with. They have an instinctive understanding of our business requirements, are easy to talk to, proactive and responsive”

– Tom Pollard, Content Development Director

LibLynx understood our situation, and offered a solution that appeared tailor-made for the challenges we were facing.” continued Pollard. “Our intention is to extend industry-standard institutional access controls to a number of web properties that currently have either no, or only basic controls in place, and in doing so greatly extend the range of content we can offer institutions. We also hope to merge our personal access controls into LibLynx, and thus bring access management into one platform.”
“LibLynx are fantastic to work with. They have an instinctive understanding of our business requirements, are easy to talk to, proactive and responsive.” said Pollard.
Integration involved a straightforward call into the LibLynx Connect REST API whenever authentication or authorization decisions were needed. “Ease of integration is of paramount importance for us”, said Paul Dixon, LibLynx CTO. “We ensure technical teams have all the help and resources they need to perform a fast and and effective integration.”

About LibLynx

LibLynx provides high-availability cloud-based Identity & Access Management (IAM) solutions for publishers. LibLynx Connect delivers visitor authentication and authorization through an API that greatly simplifies integration with internal systems to automate valuable business processes. A web-based CRM enables access to be managed across all customer types and business models from a single tool.

About Mark Allen Group

Mark Allen Group is a rapidly growing independent publisher and events business based in London, UK. The Group’s four divisions publish over 60 titles covering healthcare, education, engineering, business and music.