We’re delighted to share the news that medici.tv, a French media business described as “the closest thing to a classical Netflix” by the New York Times, has chosen LibLynx Connect (https://www.liblynx.com) to manage access to its new educational platform.
Medici.tv’s unique streaming video platform offers live, on demand access to the largest online collection of classical music in the world, including high definition broadcasts and over 100 live streams each year.
In developing their educational offering, medici.tv were looking for an access solution flexible enough to accommodate a variety of access scenarios, including:

  • Institutional Single Sign On (SSO), such as Shibboleth and OpenAthens
  • Affiliating individual accounts with an institutional subscription
  • Simplifying mobile authentication
  • plus a variety of more custom authentication methods.

Medici.tv also needed a solution with the capacity to seamlessly support the expansion of their business.
LibLynx Connect gives medici.tv the ability to effortlessly support all the authentication methods and access logic they need through a single API, with a unified interface for users, administration and usage reporting. Usage-based pricing allows medici.tv’s costs to scale as its business grows.
Integration involved a straightforward call into the LibLynx Connect REST API whenever authentication or authorization decisions were needed.


Photo adapted from University of Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra by Blondinrikard Fröberg (used and adapted under cc-2.0 licence)