Microform Academic Publishers, a UK-based academic publisher, has chosen LibLynx Connect to manage access to their online collections, including British Online Archives.
LibLynx will manage authentication and authorization of Microform’s individual and institutional subscribers. Microform will administer content packages and customer access through a new, web-based CRM.
Access management was an area in which we had knowledge gaps. Working with LibLynx Connect has allowed us to close these gaps through the expertise they offer. We now have peace of mind that LibLynx will allow us to keep sufficiently up to date with developments within an ever-changing industry, as well as ensuring day-to-day operational delivery to our clients,” said David Sarsfield, Head of Publishing for Microform Academic Publishers.
Faced with the challenge of growing access with limited resources, Microform were looking for a solution that reduced technical complexity, improved their control over content and customers, and provided a painless upgrade path.
Moving access management to the LibLynx cloud gives Microform a painless and cost-effective upgrade path, freeing up internal IT resources from maintaining their legacy codebase. The LibLynx CRM provides Microform with a quick and easy tool for adding and maintaining customers and collections, as well as providing much greater flexibility in developing new business models to monetise their content. Sarsfield estimated that time spent resolving access issues would fall by 80% going forward.
The approach taken by LibLynx eliminated a lot of risk. It felt like a massive weight had been lifted off our shoulders” said Danny Le Page, a developer at Microform Academic Publishers.
The integration was performed by LibLynx using a PHP API client with minimal effort from Microform.
Learn more about the challenges Microform faced and how we were able to help them in our Case Study.

About LibLynx

LibLynx provides high-availability cloud-based Identity & Access Management (IAM) solutions for online publishers. LibLynx Connect delivers visitor authentication and authorization through an API that enables easy integration with internal systems to automate valuable business processes. A web-based CRM allows access to be managed across all customer types and business models from a single tool.

About Microform Academic Publishers

Microform Academic Publishers publish British Online Archives (BOA), a growing archive of teaching and research-based collections of primary materials sourced mainly from UK libraries and repositories. The collections contain a wide range of sources covering the politics and history of Britain and abroad from the 17th century onwards, edited by academic experts.