We all value an online experience that is tailored to our needs. We’re more engaged when it feels more personal, and we save time when we’re presented with content and services that are more relevant.

“We’re more engaged when it feels more personal”

Self-registration forms offer publishers a valuable opportunity to collect information that can drive that more personalized experience, such as a name, role or specialism.
And, yet, many publishers struggle to prioritize the software development required to develop data collection forms, and integrate them into their access workflows and customer management systems.
To help, we recently added a suite of tools to LibLynx Connect to make self-registration forms simple and painless – both for the end user, and for your technical team.
For example, you need to generate individual username/password logins for an organizational customer, such as a business, association or educational institution.
Our tool incorporates the following 5 features that enable you to quickly and easily generate an effective self-registration link for users:

  1. Link can be embedded in an internal web-page or included in a user communication
  2. Access control to ensure that only authorized users can register e.g. passcode, IP range, SSO
  3. Add custom data capture fields using typical form elements like text boxes, selection lists and check boxes
  4. Set limits on the total number of registrations for a given account
  5. User data can be bulk-downloaded, or accessible via our authentication API

This valuable user data can then be used to drive greater engagement. For example, by using areas of interest to push more relevant content, and personalizing account management features and user communications.
Please contact us to explore how we can help you to drive more engagement from your access workflows?


Image adapted from Pen macro by Andrew Magill (used and adapted under cc-by-2.0 license)