Our good friend, Curtis Michelson at Minds Alert, is running a hackathon at the 2019 Charleston pre-conference (‘Hacking for Good’). It’s a great idea and we’re delighted to be sponsoring it.

The event explores how libraries can ‘hack’ their systems and organizations to align with future outcomes and solve the problems that truly matter.

“We mean ‘hacking’ not as breaking into a computer system, bur rather ‘hacking’ as creatively re-thinking a traditional method or system, finding a creative new path to solve an old library problem. Our hope is to support more librarians in hacking, in taking ownership of their future, partnering with others, and finding opportunities to grow and improve their services and offerings.” Curtis Michelson, Principal at Minds Alert

One of the speakers is Caroline Muglia, Co-Associate Dean for Collections at the University of Southern California, and you can read about her own experience of library hacking in her recent article from Against The Grain, Go Ahead: Call yourself a hacker‘.

The event runs from 9am-12pm on Tuesday November 5th and click here for more details on the event.

And, to whet your appetite, here’s a recording of a webinar from earlier this year where the speakers offer a quick preview of the session and invite feedback:

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Image adapted from Developing Beyond Access Training Materials for Librarians by Christine Prefontaine (used and adapted under cc-by-sa-2.0 license)