Client Stories: ABC-CLIO

ABC-Clio COUNTER widget

“so easy to implement and works beautifully – it’s fantastic!”
– Chris Martinich, Senior Developer

THE CHALLENGE: COUNTER reporting was non-compliant, labor-intensive, and offered little added value

Non-compliant Reports
Although customers were asking for COUNTER-compliant reports, the development team lacked the resources to take on the additional auditing requirements.

No XML delivery
The development team investigated the work required to implement NISO’s SUSHI standard for XML delivery of COUNTER reports, but the effort required was too great to justify the opportunity cost.

Slow Process
ABC-CLIO’s legacy process required a 3rd party vendor to process log files before reports could be generated in-house. This cumbersome and labor-intensive process took up valuable internal time and effectively prevented the generation of reports outside the fixed, monthly schedule.
HOW WE HELPED: Easy, flexible delivery via the LibLynx widget

Compliant Reporting, including SUSHI
Our one-stop shop process captures raw stats via a javascript tracker and delivers fully-compliant reports through any browser, including details of how ABC-CLIO’s customers can automatically ingest XML versions of COUNTER-compliant reports. No need for any publisher audits!

On-demand Reporting
Raw data is processed in real-time, allowing ABC-CLIO to generate reports covering the month to date and other flexible periods. No need for sales and customer support to wait for month-end.

Easy Integration
Our plug’n’play COUNTER reporting widget makes it easy to enable flexible delivery of COUNTER reports from within any webpage.

Sales Support
Flexible report filters in our widget allow ABC-CLIO’s Sales and Customer Support staff to generate reports for custom time periods in order to support sales and renewal activity.
THE IMPLEMENTATION: Integration of the LibLynx tracker + COUNTER widget
The only work required from ABC-CLIO was implementation of our javascript tracker (to capture the raw usage) and our COUNTER reporting widget.

Our tracker is easy to integrate and has no effect on page load time — developers familiar with Google Analytics would have no difficulty integrating it. Our widget is similarly straightforward to integrate — given a publisher’s own account id, a URL can be generated to deliver reports within an iframe integrated into a publisher’s own customer portal.

We take care of everything else, including processing the raw stats according to COUNTER standards, and building the reports for delivery in a browser, as downloadable files, and as SUSHI XML.

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