We’re excited to be attending SSP 2016, the Society for Scholarly Publishing’s annual meeting – it’s a great conference, Vancouver’s a great city, and it’ll be good to see all our friends again.
We’ll also be presenting as one of the New & Noteworthy Products in the Thursday June 2, 2pm SSP 2016 Previews Session.
Our talk will focus on why future growth in publishing requires a new breed of flexible, independent access controls, and how 2 new innovations from LibLynx make it easier for you to deliver that growth.
We look forward to seeing you there, and feel free to contact us if you’d like to learn more about our identity & access management solution, LibLynx Connect.

About the conference:
As publishers, librarians, authors, and researchers, we find ourselves at a time of unprecedented change and unexpected collaborations. At last year’s meeting of SSP, we saw how innovation and change are taking place on the edges of traditional fields and processes. In Vancouver, we will meet again to examine new ways of bridging concepts and challenging assumptions about the marketplace, business models, and our individual roles.
Organizations and individuals willing to step out of their “comfort zone” are re-defining the world of scholarly publishing by breaking down silos, forming new partnerships, and expanding their focus to reach a global audience. Sessions at this year’s meeting will focus on ways we can learn from these experiences and explore what lies over the horizon for scholarly publishing.